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How to Style this Dreamy Vegan Silk Shirt

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How to Style this Dreamy Vegan Silk Shirt

Oh Seven Days have done it again. Teaming up with artist @_augustobm
[instagram handle] whose legacy is "a scribble and a kiss"... they created the FRIDAY AUGUSTO BLOUSE and we are here for it. 

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This dreamy silky shirt is made from Vegan material of course because duh. It is actually made from a fabric called Cupro - who knew. 

Best worn oversized - we LOVE how it looks styled by these dreamy ladies here

With Jeans:

Photos by @ohsevendays @tiffwang_ @jaria.v @jaria.v @jaria.v 



Tied in for some shape:

Photos by @ohsevendays @gemary


Out on the town - best worn with a glass of wine in hand...

Photos by @ohsevendays @cansuakinn @vis_a


Beach Cover up or holiday wanders... heck it even looks good draped on the chair for crying out loud!! 

Photos by @ohsevendays @shhtephs @gemary @shhtephs @shhtephs


Tucked in Cream linen pants, or paired with gold hoops for a more classic work appropriate look.

Photos by @ohsevendays @yerazgokbase


We love it open low, expose those collar bones and decolletage and add lashings of (ethical) necklaces to finish. Et Voila! 


Watch here for how the shirts are actually made - snaps to the team #fashionrevolution:



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