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5 Sustainable Apps for the Ethical Consumer

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5 Sustainable Apps for the Ethical Consumer

Good On You

Want to make a difference when you shop? The Good On You app helps you do just that. Providing you with trusted ethical brand ratings for over 1,000 fashion brands.

Good On You uses a unique methodology to rate brands on how they treat their workers, the environment and animals. Good On You brand ratings are derived by aggregating rankings from groups like Behind the Barcode and Greenpeace, and certifications like Fair Trade and Organic Certified, supplemented with brands’ own publically reported policies and commitments.

Available for free on iPhone and Android

Shop Ethical!

Shop Ethical gives you a rundown on the environmental and social record of companies behind common brand names and helps you to make an informed decision at the supermarket.

Available free for iPhone and Android, Shop Ethical works by either scanning the barcode or searching the product name. The app will then provide a rating from A to F along with additional information and alternative choices.

The Shop Ethical app uses the latest data from the Shop Ethical website. Company ratings are based on information gathered from over 150 sources including the work of organisations such as Greenpeace, Choose Cruelty Free, WWF, Free2Work and Friends of the Earth.


Learn to recycle smarter and avoid valuable resources going to landfill with RecycleSmart. 

RecycleSmart gives you information as to what goes in which bin, push notifications so you don't miss bin night and how to dispose of hazardous materials.

Available for free on iPhone and Android

Choose Cruelty Free 

The Choose Cruelty Free app (CCF) is designed to give you the peace of mind you need to make informed choices and makes it easy for you to make cruelty-free purchases. That means no more stress about selecting your personal care products because Choose Cruelty Free has done the hard work.

Updated twice a year, the CCF app gives you full access to the full Australian Cruelty-free list and the CCF Vegan list all for free 

 Available for free on iPhone and Android


Technically not an app, but a search engine. Ecosia donates 80% of its income to non profit conservationist organisations with a focus on tree planting. Ecosia is also CO2-neutral and certified as a B-corp corporation. As of 12 September 2018, 37 million trees have been planted in over 10 countries throughout Europe, Central & South America, Africa and Asia.

Make Ecosia your default web browser to help start planting trees!

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