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ECOSIA: The Sustainable Search Engine

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ECOSIA: The Sustainable Search Engine

Imagine every time you "google", a tree was planted... 

Ecosia's Story 

Ecosia was set-up in December 2009 by Christian Kroll, and is based in Berlin, Germany. Following Christian's travels around the world, he became aware of the effect of globalisation on the planet, and decided to set up Since 2009, 60 Million+ trees* have been planted, Ecosia has been nominated for the People's Choice Award and in April 2014 became the first German B Corporation due to its social business model. 

Why More Trees Need to be Planted

To Help Save the Planet 

Trees are the most effective CO2 absorbers and therefore will help mitigate Climate Change , furthermore by planting trees Ecosia is helping restart water cycles and reduce the spreading of deserts. 

Each individual search with Ecosia removes 1kg of CO2 from the atmosphere, which means that Ecosia is a carbon negative Search Engine. Therefore if Ecosia was to become as popular as Google, then 15% of global emissions would be absorbed and would reverse Global vehicle emissions. 


Due to the increase in the Earth's population the need for agricultural land has rapidly increased; it has been predicted that within 100 years there will no longer be any rainforests. This impact means millions of different species will lose their habitats. By planting trees Ecosia is counteracting the rapid deforestation and providing the wildlife with a new home. 


As well as helping protect our planet and the wildlife, Ecosia's project is also helping communities across the world. The action of planting trees is providing women across the world with a stable income and fresh produce,  Children are able to go to school, medicine has become more accessible and communities now have a stability which they did not have previously. 

Click Here to Watch Videos on the Communities Ecosia are Helping!

 Where the Trees are Planted 

Ecosia is currently planting trees in Morocco, Spain, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Indonesia, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua &  Haiti. 

Why You Should Start Using Ecosia

 1. For every 45 searches a tree is planted, therefore you can plant a tree for free , and with minimal effort. 

2. 80% of all Ecosia profits go towards the planting of the trees. 

3. Ecosia is completely transparent, and you can access all their financial reports on their website, as well as getting frequent updates on their tree planting. 

4. Unlike many search engines Ecosia sells none of their data, no privacy is stored, no searches are encrypted and all tracking can be turned off. 

 If we still haven't managed to convince you to set Ecosia as your main search engine here is a list of why you should. Click here for Ecosia's Blog Post with 46 more reasons to use Ecosia. 

This is why Ecosia is the Cove teams new search engine of choice! Since discovering Ecosia we have made 232 searches, which is the equivalent of planting 5 trees. 

The search engine is available on the App Store, as well as on any internet browser:

Download for Desktop Click Here 

Download the App Click Here


* This number was acquired at the time of going to print. 

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