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How To: Easy Plastic Free Grocery Shopping

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How To: Easy Plastic Free Grocery Shopping

Although plastic free July is nearly over, it's important to keep on using reusable products such as produce bags, to avoid those nasty single-use plastics when grocery shopping.

We've put together an easy guide to help you shop plastic free! 

Tip #1

Before setting out on your zero waste shopping adventure, you need to do a bit of planning. Make a list of what you need and think about the quantities you want to buy. This way you can bring the correct bag or jar and not have to resort to plastic packaging. Keep all these bags and jars together with your list so you don't forget! 

Tip #2

If you are heading to the supermarket, try to avoid the middle aisles and stick to the produce section. This is where most of the goods are plastic free and you can place them in your own reusable bag ( you can shop our faves from Kappi here

Some supermarkets have bulk nuts and grain aisles. Just scoop your chosen treat in your bag and pop the sticker on the bag 

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Tip #3

If you are shopping at a bulk store, make sure you take your jars and bags before scooping in anything. To tare them, place them on the scale provided and write the empty weight of the container on the outside. Or you can ask the sales assistant to do this for you if you are a bit nervous.

Once your containers are tared, scoop in your chosen treat (maybe some chocolate covered almonds?), write down the product code on your container and take to the counter - and there you have it, plastic-free treats!

Tip #4

Bread often comes in plastic, but if you take your cloth bag to the bakers they are usually more than happy to place your bread in your own bag. Just make sure its clean.

Some supermarkets also sell unpackaged bread that you can place straight into your bag. Just remember to scan the barcode at the self-checkout or let the sales assistant know

Tip #5

Farmers markets are also a great place to get plastic free groceries. They usually have all their produce un-bagged, so it's easy to place what you need in your own bags. Just make sure you use a single bag for each product, this helps avoid confusion when paying

You can shop our Kappi range here - they have an amazing starter kit for all your plastic-free shopping needs!

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