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Meet the Designer: Janelle Rawlins of The Travelling Kimono

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Meet the Designer: Janelle Rawlins of The Travelling Kimono

The Travelling Kimono

This week we got to know Janelle Rawlins, designer of your new favourite boho label, The Travelling Kimono. Janelle's main goal is to support women who need work, she believes it's important to know who made your clothes, and exactly where they came from. We agree!
TKK garments are all hand cut and then sewn on small machines by their small team of ladies in Vietnam.

A bit about Janelle

  • Do you have a favourite book?

  • The Power Of Speaking Gods Word - by Joyce Meyer

  • What music are you into?

  • I listen to a wide variety of music, depending on what mood i’m in. A go to favourite would be folk.

  • Who is your fashion/design idol?

  • It’s hard for me to pick a fashion/designer idol. I do however really look up to and am inspired by smaller labels that have started out like us and have grown organically.

  • What does happiness look like for you?

  • A good balance in life between work, family and doing things that i love.

  • What is your spirit animal and why?

  • Haha… no idea?!

    About the brand

    The Travelling Kimono Sustainable Fashion


  • Why and when did The Travelling Kimono start?

    It started back in 2013 more to fulfill a creative outlet and has grown from there as a passion.

  • Where do you get your design inspiration or philosophy from?  

  • There are lots of easy access tools these days to get inspiration from like social media, pinterest and magazines. For me though when i find the perfect fabric it brings to life different pieces that i have imagined or sketched down.

  • We love your emphasis on zero waste but can understand how hard it is to strive for this. Can you talk about what you are doing to achieve this?

  • For us it's quite simple as we start the process by buying the ends of rolls of fabrics that would normally end up in landfill and from there because we don’t mass produce and only handmake limited numbers it keeps our waste to a minimal. Any off cuts of fabrics we do have we then make into one off childrens dresses or ladies head scarves. All our garments are sent to us in reusable cotton sacks to cut out the usage of plastic.

    The Travelling Kimono Chloe Lace Slip Dress

  • Can you tell us more about the amazing relationship that you have built with your garment makers in Vietnam?

  • Honestly the word to describe our relationship would be family. There is so much mutual love and trust between us that we really do have the family like bond.

  • Why should more brands in the design space look into being more sustainable and ethical from a business point-of-view?

  • Because if we keep going the way we are going with consumerism we are setting up the next generation and generations to follow for failure. We owe it to ourselves to take responsibility for our choices towards people and the planet and to make a change towards sustainability and ethical business values.

  • What do you see as the next big trend(s) in fashion?

  • The best thing for us is we don’t follow trends. We design what we love and what we would wear and revolving it all around comfort.

  • What’s next for The Travelling Kimono?

  • We plan to grow while staying true to our values. As we grow and expand we hope to empower more women in Vietnam through ethical employment.

    The Travelling Kimono Sustainable Designer
    The Travelling Kimono embodies the ethi Environment, People, Animal-free, Transparency, and handmade values. 

    Click here to show your support and check out their amazing designs. 

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