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Who you support by being a Conscious Consumer

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Who you support by being a Conscious Consumer

You may have heard Anna Lappe’s saying that “every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want” and this couldn't be more true when we make our fashion choices.

Your dollar counts, as every ethically produced, sustainable piece of clothing you buy shows the fashion industry that consumers want to see change!  We’re not only dressing ourselves in beautiful clothing, being a conscious consumer has a roll on effect: you are supporting the designers, the people who made your clothes, the environment and showing the fashion industry that this is the only way forward. So let’s break down all these feel good vibes a little more.


“every time you spend money,
you’re casting a vote
for the kind of world you want ”

- Anna Lappe


Voting with your dollar supports designers and encourages new designers to take the ethical route.

Every dollar you spend on a well designed, ethical garment you are showing the designer you appreciate their hard work in taking a step away from fast fashion. These designers and brands are taking responsibility for their supply chain by being socially and environmentally conscious.  They can see that sustainability is the future and have chosen to move away from a destructive supply chain and this in turn inspires and encourages emerging designers to uphold ethical standards.

Now that is something I want to put my hard earned money towards!

You’re supporting the workers who dyed, printed, sewed, trimmed and packaged your purchases.

That dollar you spent on your recent ethical purchase is showing your respect to the people who made your clothing!  As a conscious consumer your dollar is saying we want fashion that has been made fair and the people (mainly women) who made our clothes have enough money to support their families i.e. a living wage.  But still today according to the Clean Clothes Campaign factory workers in most Asian countries are being paid minimum wage which is half the living wage. Therefore with our conscious consumer dollar we can support the brands who support their workers!

Conscious Consumer Sustainable Fashion

Your dollar is saying yes to protecting the environment.

According to the Pulse of the Fashion Industry Report 2017, the fashion industry needs to address its environmental footprint as the current model is straining natural resources and destabilizing the planet.  They state that brands need to take responsibility for their water use, Emissions of CO2, chemical use and waste disposal. Therefore my choosing to buy sustainably produced fabrics and brands who track there emissions and water usage you are supporting our planet and looking towards a greener future.


Vote yes to a transparent fashion industry. 

Fast fashion has ruled for too long and brands must be accountable for their social and environmental footprint. Greater transparency within supply chains will hopefully shift the fashion industry towards more ethical practices and standards. Also with the rise of the conscious fashion consumer hopefully these ethical practices will become the norm.  So the time has come for us to show the fashion industry that there is a demand for sustainable clothing, seek out those designers and brands who have a social and environmental conscious and want to see the fashion industry change for the better, and let’s show the fashion industry that we - the conscious consumers - want to see a change.


So support them with your dollar, cast your vote and enjoy the feel good benefits of being a conscious consumer!


Written by Cecilia Jean Ingram

 Cecilia Jean is a lover of sustainable and vintage fashion. After studying   fashion and learning how destructive the fashion industry really is she   made a personal pledge to shop sustainably and support a more   ethical fashion industry. Follow her sustainable fashion journey:

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  • May 04, 2018

    Such an important message ! Thanks Cecelia for writing an insightful and empassioned article.

    — Louise Power

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