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Your Guide To Ethical Evening Wear

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Your Guide To Ethical Evening Wear

Leo Strange Sustainable Fashion

Luxury looking evening wear sans animal fibres

Often a luxurious silk dress comes to mind when thinking evening wear. For those who are conscious of wearing not animal fibres, there is a solution - Banana Silk.

This non-conventional fabric has a silk/satin look and is crafted from banana stalks, which are often a by-product of banana farming. There are no chemicals or toxins used in the production. And as an added bonus, banana silk is also durable, moisture-absorbent and completely biodegradable. A superstar sustainable fabric!

Leo Strange Sustainable Fashion

Love dressing up a white shirt for a special evening?

Opt for one crafted from Organic Cotton like The Dobby Frill Shirt by Leo Strange.

The cotton farmed from organic cotton crops is pesticide and chemical free, GMO-free and uses less water than conventional cotton crops. 

Organic Cotton also means that the farmers can return to their traditional practices and can be relieved of the financial pressure that is associated with conventional cotton crops.

Salia Jac Sustainable Fashion

Save fabric from landfill while looking good

Deadstock is the fabric that is overproduced and over-ordered from other designers, mills and fabric warehouses, it’s pre-consumer waste. By utilizing these vast amounts of fabric, brands can save thousands of pounds of co2 emissions a year. 

They can also create individual and limited garment just for you, meaning that no one else on the floor will have the same outfit. Salia Jac's Saville Layered Mini is our latest pick.

Arc & Bow Sustainable Fashion Natural Dyes

Keep your dyes natural

Synthetic dyes are often used in evening wear to produce rich colours. But these dyes can have serious effects on the environment. Issues such as destroyed ecosystems in rivers and oceans, birth defects and worker health.

Choosing natural dyes means you are avoiding possible contaminants such as mercury, lead, chromium, copper, sodium chloride, toluene, and benzene. But it can also mean that you are supporting traditional dyeing techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. 

Arc & Bow's Cipher Dress features an incredible print that has been hand printed with low impact dyes. 

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