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Showcase your Brand on COVE

If you are a fashion brand that happens to be ethical and sustainable whilst making fabulous products and are keen to work with us then please get in touch.

We work on a drop ship model and our process couldn't be simpler - it takes about 5 minutes to set up together. Sit back and let us do all the hard work to integrate! 

Interested? To apply drop us a line on and tell us about yourself.


My store is not on Shopify?

Unfortunately we can only integrate with brands operating on Shopify currently. 

I don‘t ship worldwide.

Unfortunately we offer worldwide shipping - we charge for it but if this is something that you are unable to provide we might have to wait until you are ready. 

What are the requirements to list on COVE?

First and foremost you must be making amazing products with a genuine and authentic commitment to better practice in your business - that is what ethical and sustainability is all about. What is right for one brand - might not be right for you at this time. Focus could be in areas of fabrics, packaging & labeling, supply chain, green energy, operating models, logistics, certifications, technology... the list goes on. We get it is a process and a journey and all we ask for your long term commitment with our Transparency Checklist to work through the areas over the years. We will publish this in your Brand Stories section and would like new items checked off each year. 

If you are rated a 3 or above from Good On You this is a very strong start.

You need to be operating on a Shopify platform, offer worldwide shipping and help us populate your Brand Story.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes, when we agree to go ahead with listing you as a designer - we ask you to sign contracts, send a copy of our operations guide, onboarding list and a copy of our "Transparency Checklist" to complete and we keep on a shared file for either of us to update as we wish.

How does COVE work / operate?

Despite looking like an ecommerce store to customers, behind the scenes we operate on a Drop Shipping model. We work in a similar way to Farfetch, meaning you ship directly to the customers - we don’t see the products.

We plug directly in to your stores backend for product listings - you can chose to hide products from us (if you have exclusive collections etc). Our buying team will do a curation of what products we think our customers will love and live auto sync them to show on our store. We sync your description, photos, sizes, colours, prices and inventory levels. We make some additional amendments to the listing so it sits right on our website - none of this affects your website. The product goes live for customers to shop.

Customer places and pays for an order through COVE, we push the order seamlessly through to your ordering system (you would hardly notice any difference) less our commission.

We provide you a platform where you can sell items from your collection to an engaged audience amongst other fabulous brands.

My store is not based in Australia.

That is ok - we currently work with brands from all over: USA, Canada, New Zealand and of course Australia. 

When we agree to working together you will let us know where you are based and what currency your products are currently listed in. We will convert the currency from your current products to $AUD on the COVE website.

We are working on automating this but it is currently done on an average exchange rate. 

How can I update the product: photos, inventory, descriptions, sizes, sku's colours etc?

Just update the products on your own store and we will get a notification of the update and will re-sync the product so the live information is right. For hero photos - we at COVE might change the hero image for a cleaner overall look on our website. This does not affect your product.

How do size charts work?

All labels tend to have different size charts. We ask you forward us yours as part of the onboarding process and it will sit on your Brand Stories section as well as your products.

How do I know I have had an order? 

We will forward you an order notification email to alert you. Also see below

How does the payment process work?

We send an order summary with receipts and payments once a month so you can see how you are tracking with us.

Do you deduct commission also on shipping fees?

No, full shipping fee's come to you. They only apply on the product price.

We only keep low stock or produce on demand. So once an order has been placed, we may need one to two weeks to create a product.

That is fine - a few of our brands currently make to order. As long as this is clearly outlined in the description of your products - it is not a problem. 

Can we use our own packaging?

Yes, of course! At the moment, we don't ask our vendors to use our packaging.

How does shipping work?

We offer 3 shipping rates currently: 

Order is over $150AUD = free shipping. 

Order is under $150AUD = $10AUD flat rate shipping

Order is international = $25AUD flat rate.

If an order has multiple brands on the order we split the shipping cost between you. 

We are working on adding an express option as some customers have requested this.

We are working on automating delivery estimates for customers to be able to calculate where their item is coming from and avg shipping times.

How do returns work?

We work with each brand to try and offer a returns process that is in line with them and their policy. The customer contacts COVE and asks for a return / refund. We check with you it is ok / the category makes sense - ie not a sale item, beauty or intimates. We ask the customer to ship the product, packaging and garments back to you. If we have already paid you for the order - you would check the condition of the return and process at your discretion. If we haven't paid - we await your update if the return was in suitable condition and process on your behalf. We capture this in the order summary we send across at the end of the month.

What are the next steps?

In order to prepare your microstore, you‘d only provide us your shipping regulation, your E-Mail address of your Paypal account and the Paypal’s account holder’s first and last name. Don't hesitate to send us your lookbook.

What is your target market?

Our customers vary from Gen Z to Boomers and are mainly located in Australia, followed by the USA and then Europe. 

What is your marketing strategy?

All COVE marketing is available for free. We are using different communication tools in order to celebrate our designers’ products and stories. We make sure to highlight your Brand Story, values and missions across our website and social media.

Currently we:

  • Brand Stories across our website with areas for you to tell our customers about all the work you are doing including your story, fabrics, factories, certifications etc
  • Homepage of our website with banners and shopable collections
  • EDM Newsletter to our database. Will do a dedicated one as a new brand and include your products thereafter in newsletter that are appropriate.
  • Social Media Channels - from Facebook, Instagram posts and stories, Pinterest, LinkedIn, You Tube 
  • Google & Ecosia Ads
  • Sponsored Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest ads
  • Inclusion in any of the above the line marketing - ad hoc events, photoshoots etc.
  • COVE brand awareness campaigns - marketing through articles in print and digital like minded magazines, blogs and websites.

Do we need to pay for your marketing activities?

No, at the moment we don’t charge anything. We cover the cost of media activations, events, email newsletters, social activity, collaborations and influencer activity currently. How good?

Can I delete my products from COVE anytime?

Yes, of course but we ask for a cooling off period of grace to remove your products and designer information from our website. We would want to work with you to understand why.

Can we also upload just a few pieces to see how it works first?

Yes, sure! Trials and tests are a great way to see how it all works.