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shop ethical sustainable & ethical clothing by BEN BUGDEN Blue Abandon
shop ethical sustainable & ethical clothing by BEN BUGDEN Blue Abandon
shop ethical sustainable & ethical clothing by BEN BUGDEN Blue Abandon


Blue Abandon


60 x 90cm

An intimate study of the lip and shockwave of a blue barrel. 

Ben Bugden is a passionate ocean photographer. He has designed this exclusive collection of images for COVE.

Acrylic Mounting Information -

Acrylic face mounting (often referred to as acrylic float frames) enhances the contrast, adds sharpness and colour saturation to photographic prints for a gloss look unobtainable by any other framing method. Acrylic face mounts are a truly stunning, unique product and will be the focal point for any room. For this reason they are suitable for contemporary homes, office spaces, hotel lobbies, and restaurants.

  • light transmission and optical clarity higher than that of glass at 93%
  • 6mm thick acrylic sheets with diamond polished edges
  • Printed using archival gloss media with the Epson 9900 using industry leading, nine colour HDR inkset
  • The back of the acrylic features a hidden hanging system, which floats off the wall by approximately 20mm
  • All pieces in this collection come on a 60x90cm size. However we are happy to offer custom pieces, finishes and sizes - prices will vary. For enquiries please drop an email to to discuss.

About the photographer: Ben was born and bred in beautiful Byron Bay – back when it was possible to surf The Pass with a handful of friends, the road to Tallows was dirt and bananas still stood on the hillsides of Wategos.

The ocean and the lifestyle it entailed was pivotal in shaping me as a person and a photographer.  This rings true even in my earliest memories– sitting with Mum on the beach eating apricots, the shimmering surface of the water as I first stepped in, the feeling of cool relief and invigoration on a hot summer day; lying curled up in my dad’s boardbag under the pandanus at The Pass waiting for him to finish surfing so we could head home for dinner; right through my adolescence, when the beach became our social hub, inheriting it from the older generation much as they had from the generation before them.

This life devoted to saltwater and sand has given me an intimate understanding of the ocean. All the tiniest moments I’ve experienced, when added up, make me who I am. It is these fleeting but important moments that I want to convey through my photography – a gentle observing eye that longs to capture a tactile feeling of that great Australian beach culture. The same culture that greats like Max Dupain have explored before me.